After your divorce

Ok, so your divorce is final, congrats, you're done right? WRONG! I hate to break it to you, but you are only getting started.

The first time I thought my divorce was "final," it took exactly 5 weeks before my "ex" filed a false police report and an Order to once again gain full custody. I didn't see my children again for nearly a year.

The first few weeks and months after a divorce are a crucial time. This is the time when it is easy for a mother who is dissatisfied with the custody arrangement to say "This isn't working out for the kids, we need a change," and believe me, she will pull this.

Remember Gandhi, well, that's still your middle name. If the children say anything about "not wanting to go back to mom's house," or "I'd rather be here at dad's house," videotape it. The children know they are being videotaped and it will be allowed in court in most states.

No matter how long the case drags out, remember that you are fighting for what is best for your children, not for you! This will come out in your attitude and make a difference in court.

Divorce Facts:

The average divorce costs over $10,000.

Attorney's get paid before they do any work! What is their motivation to do a good job?

You CAN win your divorce.

Your spouse may be planning a divorce behind your back.