A letter from our founder...

Hey guys,

Maybe you decided your marriage isn't going to work out, maybe you are just looking at your options. Either way, the thought of a long, expensive and potentially messy divorce is causing you to delay taking legal action against your spouse...STOP! The best thing you can do is act now to protect not only your current assets, but also your future earnings. Marriage has often been referred to as "Insurance for the wife," and this couldn't be more true today.

About me, I was in your shoes when I was 26 years old. I had to borrow money for an attorney, and I made every mistake in the book. My mistakes cost me tens of thousands of dollars, as well as valuable time with my children while they were young. My divorce dragged on for three years, seemingly with no end in sight. It seemed every time my case was turning my way, my "ex" was able to use something against me and get more money and full custody of the kids again.

My first mistake was not realizing how much I had to lose! It is not about what you own today, it is about what you will own for the rest of your life! Your liability at this point is UNLIMITED; you need to protect it NOW! For yourself, AND any future spouse you may meet.

The worst thing you can do is hire an attorney! I had to borrow money from friends to hire an attorney who made me look like a fool in court! There was a time when I began to wonder if my attorney owed her attorney a favor, and threw the case for me, but after more research, I learned that my situation was more of the norm.

Eventually I fired my attorney and proceeded with my battle on my own. Once I started fighting on my own, I started WINNING MORE. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find much good information on the Internet for MEN. Most of the information out there is for women, men you need to use different strategies if you want to beat a woman in court. I have done all of the work and spent years learning how to navigate and win in today's overly complicated court system.

If I was to get a divorce today I would do a lot of things differently. I have outlined what I would do if I had it all to do over again. I have included examples of everything you need to WIN! I hope you will take the time to study my advice and win your divorce.

I am providing this information free of charge to protect other men from making the same mistakes I did. Please take to time to navigate this site and consider your options carefully. What you do today will influence the rest of your life in ways you don't even realize yet. Please remember that we are NOT ATTORNEY'S, and we cannot give legal advice. The information contained in this site is my opinion; please consider your options carefully.

Here's to your future.

Edward Garcia

Divorce Facts:

The average divorce costs over $10,000.

Attorney's get paid before they do any work! What is their motivation to do a good job?

You CAN win your divorce.

Your spouse may be planning a divorce behind your back.